Keep Your Pipes Clear With Jetting Services

Keeping your sewer line and drains clean is an essential part of preserving the health and comfort of your living space. Ensure that they remain free of blockages that could back up into your home or office by calling Gamble Plumbing Inc. Our plumbers will inspect your sewer lines to determine if they can be restored to their original condition with cleaning or repair. We can snake your pipes thoroughly and use a high-pressure water jetting system to clear up any blockages by:

  • Penetrating sludge and grease
  • Breaking up roots that have penetrated the pipes
  • Eliminating hardened scale
  • Flushing out the entire system to ensure proper flow

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Woodstock, Alabama’s Gamble Plumbing is dedicated to providing efficient, effective plumbing solutions to our customers. We are state-certified master plumbers with the ability to handle plumbing issues of all types. Our team can clean or repair:

  • Sewer lines
  • Drains
  • Septic lines

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